My entrepreneurial success story (hint: Amazon has really changed the playing field
Just six months after putting their blueprint in motion, I can finally quit my job.
 Had you asked me five years ago how happy I’d be today, I would not have believed you. Not that I was especially unhappy at the time. Life just felt mundane. Because my day began with an alarm clock buzzing at six a.m. followed by a long commute into the office through rush-hour traffic only to sit at my desk for eight mind-numbing hours.

The next day, the same routine played on repeat. While grateful to have a good job that provided a reasonable living, it never felt spiritually fulfilling. I had time off that I could never take and only enough in the bank to live paycheck to paycheck. So if my car had problems, if medical expenses arose, if I needed anything out of the ordinary, this was a financial strain.
There never seemed to be enough money for new clothes, entertainment, retirement, up to date phones or computers so the kids could do schoolwork—let alone college, which would inevitably break the bank. Our house was behind on repairs, bills were piling up, and our nights out on the town often entailed Taco Bell and prime time.

I was investing more and more hours at work pining for five o’clock on Friday, for the weekend, for me time. And when the weekend finally came, I had no time left after US Army Reseve monthly unit training or mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, cooking, fixing, repairing, and catching up. Weekends were simply there to prepare me for another week of work.

Grateful as I was, my soul was grinding down. I needed fulfillment. I needed time with my family, with friends—time for church services, for travel, for winding down with a round of shooting at the range. Time for life.
And I thought I’d found the solution in 2001 when I launched a Yahoo! Store and ultimately grew sales revenue to more than $250,000. But September 11, 2001 the world changed forever...Welcome to the Global War on Terrorism. My unit was activated and I was sent to war.  and I didn’t have a mentor or guide to show me the way—which led to its demise.
Flash forward through the next two decades, and the world of ecommerce changed. Ecommerce grew into a dominant force, and Amazon ascended into the top spot. For me, it became a go-to destination for everything from shampoo to t-shirts, Alexa-integrated security cameras, video games, vacuum cleaners, baby strollers, and books.

Who can imagine life before Amazon? But as much as I purchased on Amazon, I hadn’t connected the dots. I hadn’t correlated my earlier ecommerce success on Yahoo with Amazon sellers—that is, until I came across a unique online course.
The course, which included a 12 to 13-week online training module, promised to show me how to set-up and run my own business, with insight into the mystery of metrics, inventory management, listing how-tos, and seamless order fulfillment. I wouldn’t need products, a warehouse, or packaging tape. I would only need a computer, which I had.

So in September of 2020, I decided: “Why not give it a try?” I felt compelled to jump on this bandwagon. Because what did I have to lose? If I could achieve a mere fraction of what other’s had accomplished, I’d be set. It all seemed too good to be true. But I was sold.

And I’m still surprised to say, it worked. The course was easy to understand, relatable, and it never bombarded or overwhelmed me with unnecessary information. In just a few weeks, I’d become one of the shameless braggarts who’d genuinely succeeded in earning all of that unbelievable revenue.

But beyond profits, what I found most appealing was the fact that this specific program offered the mentorship and backing I’d severely lacked decades prior when I’d launched that Yahoo store on my own.

Real Results

Sure I’d worked in ecommerce previously, but you wouldn’t need experience to succeed in this program. You wouldn’t even need insight into using or selling on Amazon because they show you how to make it work, from creating your Amazon seller account to automating operations.
After just six short months with the system in place, I had over 1,044 products sold and earned over $133,000 in revenue. It’s been a blast so far, with so many amazing products to sell and equally crazy days where we earned upwards of $9,917.63 in a day! 
I think my biggest challenge so far has been to simply allow myself to be hands off, though I know the team has most of the aspects of my business under control. In the end, I’ve become that guy Robert Kiyosaki describes in “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. The man I’ve always wanted to be. An independent business owner.

And unlike my previous attempt with Yahoo Stores, this time around, I’ve had the support of a team of people from the outset, real pros who help in managing my store. I’m never alone.

I’m still working the day job. But I’m financially independent now and can jump out of the rat race any time. This course has proven to be the easiest path for me toward autonomy, financial freedom, and work/life balance.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s been spiritually liberating because I now have the freedom to think about other things in life aside from the acquisition of money.
If you’re thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, I’ll include a link here below. And let me just leave you with one final word of advice: Think big. You really can succeed on your own with the backing of a serious multimillionaire and his team of people on your side to help you grow a powerful ecommerce empire.
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